RTO Setup & Support

Consultica Worldwide helps Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), universities, self-regulating institutions and higher education providers (HEP's) streamline their work and to enhance operations for prospective re-assurance for their stakeholders about the quality of their programs and services. We specialise in initial registration and ongoing quality advisory, strategy, services and end to end project delivery.

Our firm does not provide consultancy on legal, financial or commercial matters, nor do we interpret Acts, Regulations or other legal instruments. Consequently, we do not provide an opinion on compliance or lack thereof and do not warrant any specific regulatory outcomes such as listings on government panels, preferred supplier lists or any form of government regulation, registration or endorsement. We are not associated with any government entity or regulatory body and do not represent their interpretation of  standards, regulations or requirements. When we use the word "compliance" in our communications, we do not infer legal compliance, as this is interpreted by the regulator and legal experts. We use "compliance" to indicate alignment with our internal quality benchmarks.

Our folio of services covers the RTO and the Higher Education Provider (HEP)  or Degree Granting Institution from inception to changes to scope, acquisition, CRICOS registration services (documentation, not legal compliance)  and market development.

We do not warrant any specific registration, regulatory, compliance or other outcomes as we are an independent third party. We are unable to interpret laws as this is the role of a legal practitioner. We do assist our clients to develop better systems, implementation and quality.

The National VET Regulator standards ("RTO Standards 2015") and the requirements of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) are government standards and entities, respectively, with the power to make decisions on compliance, registrations and other matters. We do not claim that our services enhance the compliance position of your RTO or HEP or that we are able to inpteret the laws, Acts and regulations and we have no relationship with or special access to any government body or to unique information outside the public domain.

We will candidly and pragmatically analyse your operations and frameworks to ensure the best possible potential for your RTO, Higher Education Provider or University to enhance its quality outcomes.
Our services include:
Initial Registration Consultancy
Business Planning and Educational Strategy

Analysis of threshold standards, quality maintenance and risk management (from a third party perspective, not as an interpretation of the Act or the regulator's view of your compliance status)
Training and Assessment Strategy Development, Enhancement and Analysis
Assessment Validation, Moderation and Alignment
Trainer Skills Matrices, Professional Development and Alignment
Continuous Improvement Policies and Procedures
Learning Material Design, Instructional Design and Authorship
Industry Consultation
Internal Independent Audits (not as an interpretation of the Act or regulations, but as an independent quality audit) and Transitioning Arrangements

Regulatory Issues

Extension or Modification of Scope

Re-registration services such as quality and systems analyses