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Our consulting skill set is broad and varied; the result of a decade and a half of overcoming organisational challenges. Our understanding of policy, research, stakeholder management, strategic planning and "futurisation" make our consultants adept at resolving the broad spectrum of problems that arise in a business, RTO, higher education, university, research centre, government department or not for profit organisation sectors.


Broadly, the categories of consultancy services we provide include:


Business Start Up and Enterprise






Review and Change Management


Quality and Compliance


Expansion and Growth


Instructional Design, Material Writing, Authorship and Material Moderation


Right-sizing and Transitioning


Tendering and Vendor Management




Project Delivery


Our differentiator is that we consult on concepts as well as apply specific solutions, so we “put our money where our mouth is” in relation to applying the ideas that we recommend. This is rare in modern management consultancy as most consultants will excel in the theoretical recommendations pertaining to a business problem, but are not often experienced in its implementation. Our unique access to the acumen of practitioners, theorists and managers allows us to implement every recommendation we provide should this option be the client’s wish.

We assist our clients with market situational analyses and insights that help future-proof the enterprise. Whether the model applies to MOOC's for Higher Education or a Merger or Acquisition for a private firm (not including legal or financial advice, but rather business-specific coverage) undertaking international expansion, we are able to shed light on some of the most pronounced business and management problems our clients may face.


Our consultintg desks include Business, Management, International Education, Strategy and Organisational Development.