Our Services

Consultica Worldwide offers an in-depth knowledge of the four main areas of activity that affect the majority of organisations: Business and Strategy, Management, Quality and Human Resources. We scan, monitor and act upon strategic management drivers through four consulting desks: Business, International Education, Quality and Strategy.

Business Services for RTO’s, Universities and Higher Education Providers (HEP)

These services target the efficient and results-oriented running of the organisation. From processes and procedures manuals to quality enhancement, this segment of our business covers:

RTO Quality Services

Internal Third Party Independent Quality Reviews

Initial Registration, Re-registration and Scope Change Documentation Services

Academic Board, Industry Consultation and Validations

Professional Development, International Relations and Transition to Online Learning

Curriculum Design and Development

Course Writing

Threshold Standards

Higher Education Standards


Student Retention Strategies

Course Accreditation and Re-accreditation

Strategic Plan Development

Teaching and Learning Plan Development

Our firm does not provide consultancy on legal, financial or commercial matters, nor do we interpret Acts, Regulations or other legal instruments. Consequently, we do not provide an opinion on compliance or lack thereof and do not warrant any specific regulatory outcomes such as listings on government panels, preferred supplier lists or any form of government regulation, registration or endorsement. We are not associated with any government entity or regulatory body and do not represent their interpretation of  standards, regulations or requirements. We do not have access to information or materials outside of the public domain. Our services are limited to  independent third party educational quality management advisory. 

Business Services in International Operations

We provide strategic advisory and project implementation services for firms undertaking international operations expansion, start-up and trade. The activities in this sphere of service cover:

International Market Development

Strategic Management Planning and Implementation

Joint Venture, Strategic Alliance and Subsidiary Development

Business Services for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)

These services are designed with the small and medium sized business in mind and cover a broad range of service areas including:

Processes and Procedures Manuals

Business Management, Change Management and Organisational Development

Export, Import, New Product Development and Product Launches

Strategic Management

Marketing Services

Operations Management

Human Resources Consultancy

The importance of Human Capital as an input into the organisation is the main impetus for our work in Human Resources Consultancy. We apply this principle to the design, change management and development of an organisation's workforce with employer and employee in mind. Our services in this management segment include:

Organisational Alignment and Strategic Planning

Organisational Structure Analysis and Re-Sizing Services

Change Management and Change Implementation

Job Design, Specification and Performance Management Services

Generic Human Resource Services

Additionally, we undertake strategic human resource planning and development in the context of re-sizing and re-alignment projects.