Generally, our materials have been developed over an extended period of time and represent an important part of our business assets. In most cases, we retain ownership of these materials, unless we specify otherwise in our agreement with you. The materials we provide you are generally provided under perpetual license for you to use, adapt, modify and apply, but not for you to sell, re-supply or provide to another party. Additionally, given the amount of time involved in developing our materials, we use these for a range of services and with a range of clients, so these materials will generally not be specific to your organisation or exclusive in nature to your business.

We are third party, independent management consultants so our role is merely to assist you in approaching your business challanges in a more structured and streamlined way. We do not have access to any information that is not already in the public domain and do not have any relationships with or special connections to a regulator, entity or market. We, therefore, are unable to warrant or gaurantee any business or legal or regulator outcome and do not claim that the use of our services will enhance your position. Our role is to help you address your business challenges in a more structured fashion. Ultimtatly, the regulator is the only party able to evaluate and make decisions on compliance.



Our services do not provide any warranty with regard to compliance with an Act, regulation, set of requirements or any market outcome, so the answer to this question is, that we do not provide any such warranties. Our firm does not provide financial or legal advice and is not associated with any government regulator. The information we utilise to provide our services is generally available in the public domain and we do not have access to privileged information or other special consideration.



A. The norm for engaging a consulting firm is to meet with the firm in an obligation-free, cost-free first session. In that session the dimensions of the issue are discussed and a recommendation is made around one week after the meeting as to whether the firm can assist with this issue or not. An indicative price is also provided at this stage along with a summary proposal. Prospective clients will often wish to debate the proposal and a decision is usually reached to either engage or not engage the firm within a timeframe commensurate with the organisation’s procedures and the nature of the assignment. All of our meetings are cost and obligation-free prior to a contract being signed.


A. Our pricing is usually developed in consultation with our clients. We are not the most expensive, nor the least expensive consultancy firm. Consulting work is sometimes a cost of doing business, but our competitive advantage is that we are experienced enough to ensure a pragmatic approach in the delivery of work .Pricing and payment arrangements that can be tailored add further weight to our offering. We are business people too and understand the imperatives of budget restrictions, cash flow and the need to show value to stakeholders. We can promise a down-to-earth approach to our pricing and a win-win mentality. We will be glad to quote you for specific assignments.

A. You may not necessarily need these services. Much of the value derived from a management consultant is their ability to candidly assess a particular business issue and recommend whether a consultancy can aid in resolving it. Consultica Worldwide provides a free initial consultation that is confidential and obligation-free. Through it, our consultants can ascertain the dimensions of the issue and report to you the potential for a resolution with or without consultancy. We are pragmatic in our approach to client expectations and the need for some guidance without the formalities of an actual consultancy arrangement.