Business Services

Our strategic consultants understand local state and national regulations and the market imperatives required to start, manage, grow and develop a business. We assist Australian firms, RTO's, HEP's, SME’s, universties and educational institutions in acquiring an international presence outside of Australia as well as assisting offshore firms do business in Australia.

Our business services portfolio extends to governenment. We have a long tradition in providing solutions to a range of Departments, Ministries, Councils and Federal Government Entities. Our business services for both private enterrpise and government cover the spectrum below.

Strategy and Directional Positioning

Legal Entity Start-up
Business Process Design, Documentation, Testing and Management
Market Strategy Analysis and Development
Process Optimisation and Improvement Consulting
Design and Delivery of Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)
Compliance, Standards, Internationalisation, Registration and Accreditation
Assessing and Implementing Asset Management Strategies
Tender Development, Tender Responses, Tender Evaluation and Probity Services
Writing of Processes and Procedures Manuals
Regulatory Support
Human Capital Selection, Role Design, Recruitment, Retention and Development
International Business Development and International Commercial Relationships