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Consultica Worldwide is a management consulting firm with a reputation for resolving strategic and operational issues in business, international education, management and human capital. The firm was established in Sydney, Australia in 2003 and provides consultancy services in management, strategy, quality and business. It provides advisory and services to Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and to larger corporations in the areas of business, management and quality. The education consultancy desk offers advisory and services to Registered Training Organisations (RTO's), Higher Education Providers (HEP's) and universities.


Consultica's services are focussed on pragmatic solutions that owners and managers can implement. We assist with business start up, internationalisation of business, vocational and higher education registration, quality systems and strategic management advisory. We also specialise in Human Resources Management, Organisational Development, Change Management and International Strategy.

We serve through four unique consulting desks. Our forte is in assisting with RTO  quality and development, university advisory, higher education service provider (HEP) start-up, registration and services, tertiary quality systems, and strategic planning. We cover the broad areas of quality, planning, revenue enhancement, strategy, project management and end-to-end delivery of agreed outcomes pertaining to business operations.


Our firm does not provide consultancy on legal, financial or legal-commercial matters, nor do we interpret Acts, Regulations or other legal instruments. Consequently, we do not provide an opinion on compliance or lack thereof and do not warrant any specific regulatory outcomes such as listings on government panels, preferred supplier lists or any form of government regulation, registration or endorsement. We are not associated with any government entity or regulatory body and do not represent their interpretation of  standards, regulations or requirements.


We assist clients in creating synergy within their organisations through:


Quality issues detection and resolution

Curriculum design, academic board and governing body documents

Registration and re-registration services

Preparing documents for regulator interactions such as TEQSA and ASQA

Leadership transition

Risk management

Business plan development

Strategic plan development

Human Resources (HR) management and development

Organisational development

Starting a new business, business expansion and sales


At Consultica Worldwide we pride ourselves on integrity, clarity in our communications and a sense of ownership of all our assignments.


The broad range of services we provide make us a prospective supplier to private and public companies, start-ups, expanding international firms, Australian and international RTO’s, universities, non-university higher education prpoviders, research centres, training firms, governments and private enterprise.


In Australia where ASQA, CRICOS and TEQSA regulations apply to the sector, we assist clients implement quality systems and enhance their business operations. We do not interpret laws, regulations or Acts and do not provide a position on compliance as this is the role of the regulator. Our consultants have a deep engagement with and a background in business, where we have resolved strategic and tactical challenges similar to those you may currently be experiencing.


We undertake both qualitative and quantitative analyses of your business and we research the stakeholder relationships pertinent to the assignment. Our goal is to ensure any solutions we propose are applicable, utilised and resilient across the stakeholder spectrum, while maintaining our position as an independent third party.


Our firm delivers assignments in a range of consulting sectors including:


Higher Education Consultancy

Higher Education Registrations and Interactions with the Regulator

Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Support


TEQSA Dealings, Submissions and Etiquette

Business Management, Business Plan and Development

Enterprise, New Start-up and Business Transactions

International Business, Exports and New Market Development

Governance, Academic Board, Governing Council and Boards

Strategic Management

Human Resources Services and Human Capital Development

International Relations

Organisational Behaviour, Systems and Culture

Change Management


About Consultica


Our firm commenced operations in Sydney, Australia in 2003. Armed with a raft of technical and commercial qualifications and an acute sense of the needs of business, our founding partner started a small consulting operation providing business services to small businesses in retail, distribution and services. Through a range of successful turn-around results for several clients, the consultancy expanded into the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) sphere. By 2004, the firm had 20 customers. The year 2005 saw the addition of the educational consultancy business to the firm and a group of some of Sydney’s top management consultants and processes being deployed in our assignments.


Our speciality developed into Human Resources Management, Change Management, Organisational Behaviour, Strategic Management and business start-up services. It now includes assisting international organisations to do business in Australia as well as Australian firms expanding internationally.


The firm grounded itself in consultancy services for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), universities and higher education service providers (HEP's) in the areas of stategy and Total Quality Management (TQM) commencing in 2005.


The years 2007 onwards brought growth in the client base and witnessed the expansion of our portfolio into Technology Services and Business Services.


Our depth of services touches both ends of the organisational structure spectrum from workers to the Board of Directors and from small businesses to Multi National Corporations (MNC’s). We have maintained our key areas of interest as Business, Education, Technology and Human Resources. We treat our assignments with the same rigor with which we manage projects: end-to-end and rich in KPI’s.